Contemporary Still Life Painting Using Traditional Oil Painting Techniques
by Tom Elliott
Day 1 Pencil and paper line drawing all day, preferably of a model. This is to check on drawing ability, and to get their eye in.
Day 2 Make card viewers.
Each selects a subject for a board painting (no larger than 12 inches square).
Eg: shell, cup and saucer, fruit etc provided - or a small object brought in by the student.
Draw up on tracing paper. Talking about negative space.
Under paint the panel in Burnt Sienna.
Slide show of paintings: 1. illustrating the processes leading to an end result, using my paintings; 2. Inspirational famous old paintings and very recent ones.
Day 3 Transfer drawing to panel.
Paint object in white, talking about how the grain of brushstrokes should anticipate ensuing layers, and introducing some texture.
Paint background. Talking about wet-in-wet technique and how to use newspaper to print off excess colour.
Day 4 Draw additional information on tracing paper, eg intricate patterns, blue and white, icing.
Apply colour to object, talking about the quality of edges.
Introduction of shadows.
Day 5 Transfer tracing paper patterns to object, or continue with colouring.
Textures become more apparent, talking about realising texture.
Criticism session and assessment of achievements; talking about varnish and framing.