This site is split into two main galleries. They are based on the techniques of Fresco (Buon Fresco – painting alone onto damp lime mortar) suitable for murals, and panel painting (egg tempera painted on a gesso ground over wooden panels) suitable for portable pictures, almost pieces of furniture as they come with frames and even doors.

Photography especially on the web can never hope to catch the impact of something that should be encountered in situ.
A fresco is designed to fit into its surroundings.

If you are intrigued or even have a commission in mind please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to welcome you to my studio in Mells Somerset or arrange a site visit.

Fleur Kelly is part of the great tradition of European painting. She trained in Prato near Florence in the studio of one of the great masters and innovators in the creation of fresco, Leonetto Tintori.

Her work, both rich in colour and superbly defined, is rooted in a profound understanding of historic fresco techniques and the use of appropriate materials. She has brought her expertise to bear on a wide range of prestigious projects encompassing Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Italiante influences.

She has also completed a number of important modern commissions proving that fresco painting is not a nostalgic art form but one superbly suited to carry images and design to suit modern taste.

If you wish to see my current work, BBC 1 on Sunday 29th Febuary & 7th March at 7pm. are doing Michelango Reconstuction of the Creation of Adam in the Sisteine Chapel. Rome

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